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Friday, August 24, 2018

Indie Showcase: Sinking Sand (2018)


The plot that is based on crime and punishment is as old as time itself, even before a particular Russian novelist used it for one of his famous books. After all, it is something we're all instantly interested in, no matter what the actual story or the setting might be.

The appeal of the concept is clear and also the reason why centuries pass and it remains as fresh as ever. Sinking Sand is a new indie thriller-drama that is utilizing the very same idea. Here is how the movie explains its plot:


After a loving wife murders a blackmailer to protect her husband’s flourishing law career, she must watch as he prosecutes another for her crime.


Through this simple premise, the trailer for Sinking Sand reveals an impacting film, one which is first and foremost a psychological drama about our decision and their wide-branching consequences. Through the plot, the film’s cinematography approach clearly puts a lot of emphasis on its characters. The slow shots of the faces of the actors reveal deep and terrible dilemmas in which most of them are placed.

Sinking Sand Official Trailer from Nandar Pictures on Vimeo.


Should the guilty step forward?

What is the price of staying quiet?

Will the transgression of the past die out or only come back as hideous monsters?


The director, Brian Yarbrough, clearly managed to explore all of these using modest means of an indie production. Yet, the result seems very polished and thought-out so I have no doubt that the movie will be a worthwhile experience, especially for those who are interested in deep-impacting cinema.


Sinking Sands is out on  DVD & VOD September 18, 2018. Until then, check out the movie’s official Amazon page right here.

Sinking Sand out on DVD & VOD 09/18/18!

Main Cast: Jenn Gotzon, Jim E. Chandler, Tom Clark, Holly Morris, Kevin Sizemore, Nicole Kovacs, Kwajalyn Brown

Director: Brian Yarbrough

‘Sinking Sand’ is a crime drama film which is set to be released on 18th September 2018. The film revolves around the characters of Daniel and Brooke McHenry, who are facing marital issues due to Daniel’s constant ignorance of his wife due to his career as a lawyer as well as his campaign for the position of the senator of Georgia. This leads to Brooke temporarily becoming attracted to another man named Tyler Griffin, who apparently claims to be her old collegemate. Soon, after Brooke realizes her mistake of being unfaithful to Daniel, Tyler suddenly blackmails her by recording and misinterpreting her statements which leads to her making a very rash decision. Brooke must now make a choice in order to save her family as well as her husband’s reputation and career as the elections are just around the corner.

‘Sinking Sand’ is one of those artfully directed films that helps provide entertainment along with sending a meaningful message. The film mainly focuses on two themes: family values and lust. The sequence, in its own entirety, is purely based on Daniel who initially neglects his loving wife. Jenn Gotzon flawlessly plays Brooke, a supportive wife who is always there for her husband at all times regardless of how she is always ignored by her husband Daniel. When Brooke feels that she has become isolated and distanced from Daniel, she becomes heartbroken and seeks attention from an unknown stranger who takes advantage of her. So, for all the couples out there, regardless of how long they have been together, this is a life lesson as to how extremely important it is for both partners to realize that family comes above all. No matter how busy one becomes in their everyday lives, it is necessary that they take time out to have sincere moments with their loved ones.

Moving on to other main theme, the lust factor is distinctively defined and portrayed in Tyler Griffin’s character. Once again Yarbrough deserves to be praised for his brilliance in transparently explaining the concept of lust and its consequences through this film. The desire to have a decent lifestyle is one thing but being envious of those who possess it along with seeing them fall was basically the whole purpose of Tyler’s existence. As the film progresses, Tyler’s past blackmail victims are revealed, showing how low he went just to ruin their lives. His greed for power was not just limited to blackmailing others, but it is revealed in the sequence how his whole relationship with his wife is an abusive one with the sole purpose of it even existing is for Tyler to use her wife to get to his victims.

Overall, ‘Sinking Sand’ is a fantastically directed film that vividly focuses on underrated issues that countless people face in their everyday lives. It displays a powerful message to anyone who is watching, giving awareness about the evils that lurk within our society.

Sinking Sand is available at Amazon by clicking here.



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