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Sinking Sand release dates announced!


Atlanta, GA– Atlanta-based film company True Exposure has scheduled the release of the suspense drama Sinking Sand filmed on location in the Carrolton area, Tybee Island, and Savannah, GA. True Exposure, along with Nandar Entertainment Group, is are pleased to announce that the suspenseful  faith-based Sinking Sand, hits DVD and VOD nationwide on September 16, 2018.

The film features actress Jenn Gotzon who has made a name for herself in films such as Frost/Nixon and God’s Country and recently garnered a Best Actress Award from the International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) for her role in The Sacred Eternal.  In Sinking Sand, Gotzon plays a loving wife who murders a blackmailer to protect her husband’s flourishing law career and now must watch as he prosecutes another woman for her crime.

Interestingly, Jim E. Chandler, the film’s romantic antagonist, is Gotzon’s real life husband. The two met on the set of this film and have gone on to star together in several films, including the new release Saving Faith. Chandler has recently appeared on the TV series The Quad and will be part of AMC’s Lodge 49.  

Sinking Sand also features the talent of Kevin Sizemore, who recently appeared in NBC’s successful series, Timeless.  His film credits include Woodlawn and The Work Wife. Sizemore will make his directorial debut in the upcoming film The7.

Writing team Brian Yarbrough and Glynis Becker, have collaborated to write captivating stories for the faith-based market.  “We want to create films both secular and non-secular audiences can enjoy.  Story to us is very important.” - Glynis Becker. Brian Yarbrough, who also directed the film, says “it’s quite an experience to have such a strong cast bring your characters to life.”

Sinking Sand attains a John Grisham-type storyline, following Brooke and Daniel McHenry as he begins his campaign for Senate in a small Southern town.  Her husband’s political ambitions leave Brooke feeling lonely and neglected. She finds solace in the arms of the attractive, but shrewd Tyler. This initiates a trail of detrimental decisions, including murder, and the subsequent prosecution of an innocent woman.

The film will be available at, and

For more information about Sinking Sand, watch the official film trailer: YouTube

Connect with Sinking Sand online: sinkingsand/ trueexposure

Christian Movies: Interview with Jenn Gotzon


Jenn Gotzon has to be one of the busiest young Christian actresses we know. She is helping promote her latest films you will read about here. We will say there are an impressive number of them covered in this interview


Fred: We were pleased to be put in contact with you through mutual friends. First let’s get to two films that came out earlier this year that has been doing very well in DVD sales and Bible Study showings. I am Gabriel and God’s Country.


Jenn: I Am Gabriel stars Dean Cain and my buddy John Schneider. It was filmed in Justin, TX. It’s an inspirational drama. I play Monroe (one of the leads) who is the town’s ambitious journalist desperate to find a ripe story. God’s Country is a fun Ferarri driving family drama directed by my husband Chris Armstrong. Ironically, we were hired independent of each other. The producers hired Chris first and discussed their wish list for the lead.


During this talk, Chris became aware that his wife’s name was on their wish list. The producers didn’t know Chris and I were married or even knew one another. The producers didn’t know if it was the wisest idea to hire a husband/wife combo and decided to audition as many girls as possible for the role. After three weeks, they offered the role to me as the character Meghan Doherty. God’s Country is similar to Overboard and my character is similar to the role Goldie Hawn played. Even though the movie is playing on UP-TV (Uplifting Television), it is selling successfully in stores nationwide, Netflix and Blockbuster — my favorite version is the director’s cut because the image quality, sound design and visuals are much better than what has been released. I’m praying maybe they will release the director’s cut via BluRay.


Fred: Another film now having limited theatrical releases is one you have much to tell us about. Doonby. It has a very intriguing title. What is that about and what is your role?


Read the full article here:

Writer Glynis Becker Named Finalist at Faithwriters announced today that SINKING SAND writer, Glynis Becker, is a Finalist for their 2013 Page Turner contest.  Glynis' story about the trials and tribulations of a late 20s single computer nerd keeps you laughing and reflecting on your own life.


"The story is a light romance with a sense of humor, a lot of heart and hopefully a word of encouragement for everyone trying to find love in the world.   It's also got lots of classic geek references, a little reverence for the American pastime of football and something for everyone in between."  - Glynis Bcker


Read the introduction to this novel here;  Winners will be announced december 1st.


Savannah back in Hollywood spotlight





SAVANNAH, Ga. -- The citizens of Savannah are no strangers to movie cameras. From the famed "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" to the more recent Miley Cyrus flick, "The Last Song," Savannah has put its stamp on Hollywood in one way or another.
Now the city can add a new film to its growing résumé.
"Sinking Sand," produced by locals from Savannah and Georgia, is a suspense thriller set against the backdrop of Savannah. Recently, the cast and crew spent some time filming in downtown Savannah and on Tybee Island before heading to Atlanta.
Writer and director Brian Yarbrough said there were two reasons for setting "Sinking Sand" in Savannah: practical story purposes and the city's beauty.  "Savannah is really pretty," he said. "It's very tantalizing to the eye."
Read more here:

Jenn Gotzon on a Protagonist Roll

This rising star actress says that ‘Filming Uplifting, Redemptive Flicks Are Creating Positive Change’
By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

NEW HARMONY, INDIANA (ANS) -- Rising star actress Jenn Gotzon has gone from a small role in Ron Howard’s “Frost/Nixon,” movie to a whole string of successes, the latest of which could well be “The Colors of Emily,” which Gotzon begins filming on Monday, Oct. 13, 2014, in New Harmony, Indiana,


Gotzon, who never seems to stop working, and who received an “Award of Excellence for “Doonby” and “Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment World” from the Film Advisory Board, is using her “calling” to portray authentic depictions of the human condition by playing protagonist women in redemptive movies.


A spokesperson for the Christian actress, says, “Gotzon selects impactful films to bring hope and inspiration to viewer’s lives from the lessons learned through the character’s complex journey of good and bad choices.”

On Sept. 27, she threw her stake in completing “Sinking Sand,” a story compared to novelist John Grisham style writing (“The Firm,” “A Time to Kill”) by True Exposure’s Brian Yarbrough.  It is about a loving wife (Gotzon) who murders a blackmailer (Jim E. Chandler, character actor in viral YouTube videos, 10mil+ hits) to protect her husband’s (Tom Clark, Emmy-winning host of NBC’s “Peachtree Morning in Atlanta”) flourishing law career as she watches him prosecute against law friend (Kevin Sizemore, Gary Humphrey in ABC’s “Resurrection”).


Yarbrough directs this heart-filled, twist-and-turn suspense thriller, through a visual composition similar to Alfred Hitchcock’s backdrop of light, shadows and character moods exploration through the both.

“Sinking Sand” - co-produced by Gotzon’s “Untouched” co-star Chip Lane, takes place in Savannah and Tybee Island – and has a theatrical release scheduled for mid-2015.







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