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Jenn Gotzon Chandler (Brooke McHenry)


Jenn has gathered an impressive resume since her break-out role as Tricia Nixon in 2009’s Oscar-nominated film Frost/Nixon. Since then she has starred in short films, rock music videos, and feature films including God’s Country, Doonby, I am... Gabriel, Love Different, The Colors of Emily, My Daddy’s in Heaven, Saving Faith, and Sinking Sand (among others).

In addition to movies, she is involved in mentoring other actors, motivational speaking through her “Inspiring Audiences” program, and has been the face of Jubilee, the company of China’s most famous celebrity makeup artist, Brother Zhen.

Fun fact: Jenn and her husband Jim met on the set of Sinking Sand, and have since gotten married (obviously) and gone on to work together in many films, including their own upcoming film The Farmer and the Belle.

For a full list of Jenn's films, see her bio at IMDB and be sure to follow her on Facebook.



Kevin Sizemore (Josh Hammond)


Kevin has spent time on both the small-screen and feature films and he brings that wealth of experience to the film, Sinking Sand. He is best known on television for his roles in Under the Dome, Resurrection, and Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. Memorable roles in feature films include assistant coach Jerry Stearns in Woodlawn and Dr. Gary Habermas in The Case for Christ. He is also a producer and is set to direct the upcoming film, The7.

Find a full list of Kevin's acting and producing credits at IMDB.



Holly Morris (Evie Page)

Holly is a native of Atlanta, GA and has felt called to act for as long as she can remember.  Supported by her family she took a leap of faith to reach for this dream.  In 2010, she was cast as the lead in a number of independent films such as Saving Grace, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and The Next Inspiration.  The films enabled her to attract an established and reputable talent agency, Atlanta Models & Talent.


After signing with AMT, Holly booked a supporting role in the feature films Redemption, Sleepless, and Like Arrows.  She has performed roles on shows like Read Between the Lines, Shrink Rap, Nashville, Drop Dead Diva, and It's Supernatural as well as starring in regional and national commercials. In 2012, she received a nomination for Best Actress for the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Festival and received the honor of runner up. Holly is extremely grateful for the opportunities she has received and strives to honor God with her work.

You can see her full acting resume on IMDB.

Jim E Chandler (Tyler Griffin)  

Jim’s stature and on-screen presence give him the ability to portray both heroes and some not-so-heroic characters equally well. He can be seen in feature films like Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, My Daddy’s in Heaven, Saving Faith, and in television shows like The Quad, Stranger Things, and Lodge 49.

Jim is thrilled and honored to be apart of Sinking Sand. He is filled with gratitude for being able to help bring this incredible story to life. When things don't go how we want them to, it is easy to be led astray by the enemy. When our foundation begins to crumble and our eyes are no longer focused on our heavenly Father, we find ourselves painted into a corner with the wet brush in our own hands. Only when our focus is turned back to Christ can He save us from ourselves. The audience will certainly identify with Brooke and her struggle to control that which she cannot. With Jesus, a solid life foundation guaranteed. All others? know. =)

Look for more of Jim's films and projects at IMDB.

Tom Clark (Daniel McHenry)  


Tom is one of Atlanta's most versatile actors starring in hundreds of commercials, corporate films, print ads, voice-overs and more. His movie credits include Anchorman 2Iron Man 3, Secretariat, Ray, and October Baby.


Tom has the distinction of being the only Actor in Atlanta to win an Emmy, Telly, Addy, appearing in an Oscar-winning movie and taking home the coveted Radio A.I.R. award for his work in morning radio where he won "Best Morning Show Personality" and "Best Non-Drive-Time Show."

See his full list of acting credits at IMDB.

Sandra Williams (Mrs. Connors)

Sandra was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. She is known for her work on The NotebookThe Shunning, Stand Your Ground, and Untouched.

See more about Sandra at IMDB.



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